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There is no problem importing radiotherapy equipment

There is no problem importing radiotherapy equipment

According to the Public Relations Department of All Medical Equipment and Supplies, ILNA quoted the bachelor's office of medical equipment as saying that there was no disturbance and import of radiotherapy equipment by importing companies for centers such as the Special Needs Foundation.

"In the moment, there are no particular problems at the moment," said engineer Mojtaba Najafi, head of the Department of Imaging, Optics and Laser Medicine at the General Directorate of Medical Devices in an interview with the ILNA correspondent, in response to comments by the radio therapist's secretary general on the imposition of sanctions on the entry of new radiotherapy devices. There is no particular importation of radiotherapy equipment, and the importing companies import the necessary devices for centers such as the Foundation for Disease Control.

He stated that importing accelerators and equipment in the field of radiotherapy is as before, he said: "Currently, there are requests from representative companies, and these devices are being imported, although there are problems with the supply of currency, but in Not the limit of the crisis.

"Currently, for the spare parts of these machines, the government's currency is $ 4200.00, and Nima currency is used to buy the devices and the suppliers of these devices are required according to the needs of the suppliers.

"Although unilateral sanctions have been affecting the financial transactions of all, including the field of drug-related equipment, the head of the medical department's medical imaging directorate on the impact of sanctions on imports of medical devices and devices has said," but we currently have no problems with the provision of radiotherapy devices.