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Health Minister: Let's not bother the manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical supplies from bureaucratic maze.

Health Minister: Let's not bother the manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical supplies from bureaucratic maze.

Minister of Health at the 23rd Iran Hall Exhibition:

Let's not bother manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical supplies from bureaucratic maze / in the Food and Drug Administration, we open doors to manufacturers and importers who work properly, and we try not to knot the previous nodes.

In the opening ceremony of the 23rd Iran Hall International Exhibition, the Minister of Health said: "There are many definitions of development in the development literature, but one of these definitions says that a country will not be developed unless it comes from the national production path Industrialization is one of the steps that advanced countries have undergone.

He states that industrialization is different from industrialization, he added: "Some countries may buy and install machinery and equipment from other countries, but because they have not experienced the culture of national production, they can develop with the tools of others. To be

The Minister of Health emphasized that, despite the fact that the country has suffered a lot of hard days, today it is difficult to impose sanctions, and Iran has one of its most difficult times, especially in spite of the economic crisis. Of course, I doubt that by relying on the country's abilities, we will pass through these pride of conditions and show the world that the Iranians will not easily fall to their knees.

Referring to the definition of proper mechanisms in the Ministry of Health to support domestic products, Dr. Sami said: "Appropriate mechanisms to deal with economic crises against Iran were not well prepared, and we decided that with a new arrangement, the Food and Drug Administration Headquarters

One of the goals of the establishment of the Food and Drug Administration was to speed up the formation of the organization and the new jihad and mobilization in response to the attacks, and said: "I assumed the command of the headquarters to organize the appropriate conditions for the new complex conditions." .

The second goal of establishing the Food and Drug Administration was to open doors to manufacturers and all stakeholders, and to keep them from bored with bureaucratic twists, as the Food and Drug Administration and the General Office of Medical Equipment It is inseparable, it should not be a place that tired people in the bureaucratic system.

"We do not allow any rights to be lost to anyone because one of the reasons for youth fatigue and migration is feeling injustice, and the Ministry of Health and especially the Food and Drug Administration And we turn the drug into a base where everyone who comes to it can handle things with ease and open the locks.

He added that his goal of establishing a Food and Drug Administration was shared by all interest groups in the field of medicine and medical supplies, adding that "we will invite all stakeholders to this structure and benefit from their views." Of course, meetings of the Food and Drug Advisory Council will be convened every month, and we will work with the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

The Minister of Health mentioned the failure to pay the demands of medical companies and medical equipment on a regular basis and the need to facilitate their affairs as problems in the field. He said: "When I received the Ministry of Health, I was subjected to an incomplete turnaround, and today more than 9 trillion We ask the Social Security Organization and administration of the Ministry of Health with more than 14-15 trillion Toman is not an easy task, but we did not allow any problems or personnel salaries to be delayed.

Dr Salami emphasized in another part of his speech: "In the Food and Drug Administration, we open doors to producers and importers who are working properly, and we try to not knot the previous nodes, and give rents and bugs to someone." However, as we do not rent imports, we do not rentiate production either.

He reminded me: I am a minister of health and is responsible for the health of people and even health tourists entering Iran, and we are asking manufacturers to think about quality because they do not allow the market to be offered to low-quality or non-quality products. And give them a production license.

"As long as Iranian producers are able to find competitive and export markets for themselves, the Minister of Health, while emphasizing the necessity of reforming the pricing of medicine and medical equipment, supports them, but they need to reduce prices by reducing overhead costs," he said. And entry into export markets.

Dr. Sally noted that the government, as a major purchaser of medical supplies with limited resources, should be able to bargain, and insurance should also be able to make strategic purchases, so we expect manufacturers to lower their product prices by reducing overheads, Reduce

He said: Knowledge-based companies and healthcare startups know that the Ministry of Health, their home and office, and the health minister are their agent, and we are proud to prove to the world that Iran is capable of proving the most powerful forces We have in Iran.

Source: The Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the country