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Introducing Waterwaker-Underwater Treadmill

Watercraft or Treadmill Blue has been produced by Japan as a new initiative in medical equipment for water therapy, fitness, muscle strengthening, massage, as well as hiking instruction.

The treadmill is revolutionary in physical and medical medicine.
The device is designed to allow you to practice water therapy in the indoor environment in a separate cabin, fully hygienic and under the direct supervision of our experts. This device is made up of a treadmill in a transparent water container that allows the experts to accurately control the user's performance during operation.

Advantages of using the waterproof device:
Aerobic Exercise and Treadmill have many fans of all ages. But at the same time with all these beneficial effects, the pressure on the muscles and joints, which can cause clogging and muscular damage, and exacerbate joints swelling in specific cases, such as those with chronic articular diseases, overweight, or elderly people, Opens up Underwater exercises will eliminate all of these limitations and allow sports activities for all people of any age and every level of physical fitness.

Some of the benefits of exercising in water include:
• Increased muscle strength, balance and body shape
• Increase the range of joints and flexion
• Increased endurance and physical fitness
• Decreased joints and muscle cramps
• Improve mood and increase sleep quality
• Reduced pain and fatigue
• Motor independence
• Safe and effective exercise
• Weight loss and definitive fixation
• Water exercises without pool concerns (general, pollution, etc.)
• Special hydrotherapy exercises after neck and back diskoopathies, Parkinson's disease, cerebral stroke, fractures, nasal passages, lower and upper extremities elongation.
• Strength and stretching exercises for the lower extremities.
• Balance boost exercises.


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Introducing Waterwaker-Underwater Treadmill